My studio's Apartment Therapy debut!

Apartment Therapy is one of my go-to sources for inspiration and creative solutions for my apartment - it's the reason I developed a taste for taxidermy (calfskin rug, sheepskin, antlers) and a need to hunt down a stainless steel kitchen island. My apartment is featured on their Web site - you can check it out here.

It was published at the perfect time, a commemoration of my bachelorette pad. I am moving out at the end of the month. As I write this, I am sitting among piles of my belongings that need to be packed but instead here I am sitting with a vodka tonic thinking about how I could live here forever with every single one of my shoes. But there would be no room for Wes, his size 15 feet, and his enormous TV.

All romance aside, I think half the battle of getting married and staying that way for life is overcoming the logistical dilemmas that come with combining two independent people into one home.  For example, Wes casually mentioned that he wanted to bring his La-Z-Boy recliner and I lost sleep for three days. Or, I emphatically denounced carpeting just after Wes hit 'send' on an email to me with a link to his favorite place with most of the square footage covered in brand new Berber. We finally compromised on a small 2 BR bungalow with beautiful hardwood floors in a fun neighborhood where we can walk everywhere.

Just as he welcomed my refusal to live with carpeting or matching furniture, I must also compromise about Wes's need to have a 6' screen in the living room and a comfy leather couch. I must also stop using my shoes as decor, compulsively buying and killing orchids, and rearranging furniture when I feel restless. More to come on that. RIP Apartment 202.