‘Am I Doing This Right?’ became an immediate #1 Amazon New Release & #1 Amazon Best Seller because it’s real, funny, & life-changing—more here:

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Have you ever felt a nagging sense that you’re supposed to be doing more with your life—but no idea how to figure it out?

This is a book is about the only 7 questions that matter, according to the best thinkers in humanity, why most of us never ask them and live far beneath our potential as a result (highlighted with authentic, painfully honest and often laugh-out-loud personal stories) and how to answer them for yourself to clarify your purpose, develop confidence, quadruple your income, and create other amazing outcomes.

OK, I want it! Where can I buy it?

It’s available exclusively on Amazon. You can order the paperback book here and the Kindle version here.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

"In 'Am I Doing This Right,' Colleen Bordeaux provides important life lessons in a simple, direct, and heartfelt way. It’s a guide to avoiding the clutter and distraction of modern life and keeping the focus on your own North Star, whatever it may be."

Barry Schwartz, New York Times columnist and author of The Paradox of Choice, Why We Work, and Practical Wisdom (with Kenneth Sharpe)

"Practical, sharp and
brilliantly insightful—a modern guide to living your most phenomenal life."

Louise Parker, Sunday Times best selling author of The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life

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