Three things you'll wear forever, according to a fabulous Frenchwoman

Maybe it's just me, but I find it to be strangely thrilling when someone with amazing style walks past me on the sidewalk. Generally, I stare and take mental notes to reference later when I'm trying to recreate the look and tend to assume that said person is amazing and would definitely be my friend because we have so much in common, such as appreciation for floral boots.

Social media makes this phenomenon even more accessible, and I love finding bloggers with fresh taste and a unique sense of style that stands out from the masses. The ones I love have an ageless style and repeat key pieces often, which gives me inspiration on restyling my own closet. When I find these special timeless unicorn bloggers, I tend to seek out their profiles on Instagram and regularly check up on them for styling ideas that I can steal.

Today, I'm introducing you to one of my favorite fabulous French bloggers who, as they say in the South, is "a girl after my own heart." (For my non-American readers, this means we like similar things. Not to be confused with "bless her heart," another Southern saying that is a subtle insult that generally implies that you don't have a brain in your head.)

This fancy Frenchwoman has a very distinct personal style that's classic and a little offbeat. She loves vintage and consistently demonstrates how a few standout pieces can totally transform wardrobe basics. She and I connected on Instagram where I creepy stalk her for ideas about how to style my classic, neutral, everyday pieces in quirkier, cooler ways. I decided to take my creepy Insta-stalking to the next level by creepy messaging her to see if she'd be interested in being interviewed for this blog to share her favorite pieces in her closet that she's had forever and make her style so timeless and wonderful.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Emilie Darel, a 26-year-old real estate agent originally from Reunion Island and currently based in Toulouse, France. Here she is in all her glory, mixing navy with black and spicing it up with sequined pumps:

[Side note: I've been trolling the 'net for sequined pumps ever since I saw them on Emilie... contemplating

these from &OtherStories. Do you think they'll stay relevant for a few years? Should that even matter when they look this good with neutral basics?!]

If you want to become more fabulous and French, keep reading for Emilie's thoughts on style and the timeless pieces in her wardrobe...

Q: How do your friends describe your style?

"Chic, eccentric… but I love all styles, I’m a chameleon!"

Q: What are your favorite pieces in your closet right now?

"Now, my favorite piece for this winter 2017 is obviously my pink puffa jacket! The oversize puffa jacket is very fashion for this season!"

[Side note: this endorsement by Emilie prompted me to wear my oversize J.Crew "puffa" all weekend which makes an icy January all the more bearable...]

Q: What are the three items in your wardrobe you've kept for the longest, and why have they stayed relevant so long?

"First, my blue faux fur coat because I love it and it’s stayed trendy and chic for several seasons. Second, my derby shoes because I love the boyish look. And third, my big burgundy bag because I can put everything in it."

[Side note: Does anyone else now want a navy fur coat after seeing Emilie in it? I have a giant white fox fur one from Wes's grandma that would look nice on a modern-day drug lord. Emilie has inspired me to take it to the furrier and inquire about an update...]

Q: Who are some of your icons in fashion or other creative fields?

"I love two women in fashion: Solange Knowles and Shay Mitchell. Both have chic and elegant styles. And they are so beautiful!"

Q: What do you do when you're short on creative inspiration?

"I listen some music to empty my mind. And suddenly, the light appears!"

Thanks so much to Emilie for her thoughts, and for providing these photos. I asked her to include a few pictures of her actual closet and was surprised (and very inspired) to see how clean, compact and well-edited it is. She proves that you need only a few amazing pieces to have wonderful, remarkable style, and helped me to see that I still have more work to do in refining my own small closet.

I hope you find Emilie to be as much of an inspiration as I do! If you do, definitely take a few minutes to check out her out @les_coquetteries_demilie.

Also, I'd love to hear if you have anyone that you creepy stalk on Instagram for style ideas so I can add to my rotation and potentially interview - let me know in the comments! Thank you as always for reading and supporting this little blog.