How to style a leopard pencil skirt

There is something about a leopard pencil skirt that reminds me of Fran Drescher and New Jersey circa 1990. It's not an easy item to pull off, but done right it can become a staple (just like your leopard pumps, leopard belt, leopard purse, etc.) After many months of hunting eBay for the perfect cheapie, I snapped up this little number for $10. (I never commit to a trend until I first do a trial run with it's cheap, gently used eBay cousin.)

It arrived and I spent weeks Google-imaging how to wear it, and decided that it goes best with soft sweaters and tees. It downplays some of the va-va-voom and is a perfect warm-weather alternative to pretty much any outfit you would otherwise wear with skinny jeans. Since this skirt was a cheapo, it was important to me that I wear it with some of my tried-and-true classics like my favorite leather doctor bag, an olive cashmere sweater and my favorite everyday jewelry.

I originally posted about this exact outfit a couple of years ago, and bringing it back up because I've gotten so much use out of my leopard skirt that I'm starting to research the right high-quality version to add to my wardrobe. Hunting for one that is lined, wool, with a high waist. Suggestions?

Leopard pencil skirt,; tee shirt, Lovers + Friends,; cashmere cardigan, Maxstudio; bag, my absolute favorite on Earth from

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Valerie SJ

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